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Optimizes dental practice efficiency by facilitating seamless patient communication, scheduling, and resource access.

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Our Mission

Innovating Dental Practices Through Technology

At Denttap, we're all about making things easier for dental practices.

Our mission is to provide custom web and app solutions that help dentists work smoother, make patients happier, and grow their practices. We're here to simplify dentistry with smart technology.

Website Development

Website Development Services We Provide

dental landing website development

Dental Landing Page

Single-page site scrolls, emphasizes one service for impact.

dental e-commerce website development

Dental E-Commerce Website

Sell dental items online for easy transactions & smooth shopping.

dental appointment booking website

Appointment Booking Website

Websites prioritize scheduling, reminders, patient records, integrating with management.

dental general website development

General Dentistry Website

Informs about services, dentists, staff, hours, and contacts for general dental care

dental specialized website development

Specialized Dental Practice Website

Dental sites specialize in specific areas, highlight services and expertise.

dental customized website development

Dental Customized Website

Customized design to match practice needs, reflecting brand identity.

Website Designs That You Might Like

We can provide you these basic websites within 2 weeks, with all the features required for the digital dentistry.

dental content creation and curation
SmileBright - DBT001
dental social platform management
DentaFlex - DBT002
patients analysis
PearlSmiles - DBT003
Advertising campaigns
PerfectDent - DBT004
Analyzing performance
Dentaura - DBT005
Influencer partnership
WhiteGleam - DBT006
Patient support
ToothEase - DBT007
reputation management
DentalMosaic - DBT008
patients analysis
SparkleDent - DBT009
Advertising campaigns
GrinCraft - DBT010
Analyzing performance
SmileSculpt - DBT011
Influencer partnership
DentixPro - DBT012
Advertising campaigns
PureSmile - DBT013
Analyzing performance
DentaraWave - DBT014
Influencer partnership
Dental Customized - DBT015
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Pricing And Plan

Choose The Perfect Plan For You



One Time + One Year Maintenance
  • Customized 5-page website design
  • Branding and colors
  • Responsive design for mobile and laptop compatibility
  • Contact form for appointment scheduling
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Domain registration assistance (if needed)



One Time + One Year Maintenance
  • Customized 10-page website design
  • Enhanced branding with logo and imagery
  • Responsive design for all devices optimization
  • Appointment booking system integration
  • SEO optimization for improved search engine visibility
  • Blog setup for sharing dental health tips and news
  • Social media integration
  • Domain registration assistance (if needed)
  • Hosting setup



Based On Requirements
  • Customized website design with advanced features
  • High-level branding integration with unique visuals
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • All Analytics and Data Integration required
  • Blog setup
  • Online patient registration forms
  • Integration with PMS for seamless appointment handling
  • Social media integration
  • Domain registration assistance (if needed)
  • Hosting setup

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